House Opposite by R. K. Narayan     The short story, House Opposite by R. K. Narayan is an example of a man and his struggle with his own humanity. The basic plot of the story includes a holy man (only referred to as "the hermit") that is living along with the traditions of an Indian lifestyle. He considers himself to be a very good man, not succumbing to temptations or as it is put in the text, "He rigorously suppressed all cravings of the palate and punished his body in a number of ways." It is indicated that the hermit really did not understand why he was doing any of this however, barring his selfish interest in "spiritual liberation." The conflict in the story is internal; the hermit becomes aware of a prostitute living across the street, and cannot ignore her presence. Throughout the story, the hermit complains about the "awful monster" and regards her as the "personification of evil." This is not the root of the problem however.

Administration and Executive Support - Essay ExampleThe customers count on the company to deliver exceptional services each day and connect them with the world as well as steer their businesses and in their quest to satisfy customers, they need a good managerial structure. An administrative assistant in the company is responsible for administrative as well as clerical duties to run the organization efficiently. These tasks include co-ordination of the administrative activities, retrieving, storing and integrating and relaying information to staff and clients. As a result, administrative assistants must possess certain qualities and skills that will help them carry out duties efficiently in line with the goals and objectives of the company. Key qualities and skills of an administrative assistant Good communication is not only the backbone but also an asset to every business, and thus, an administrative assistant must possess excellent communication skills.

The student lounge is a place which is characterized by a wide range of activities. There are students who come to the lounge to have discussions on coursework.There are students who come to the lounge just to have a good time. There are also students who come to the lounge to sleep. The lounge has all the modern facilities. It has internet connectivity, refrigerators, microwave ovens and a television set and it is air conditioned. It has very comfortable furniture consisting of red sofas and wooden tables that are always shining as if they were coated on with new paint every day. The floor has lush carpets.Just outside the lounge is a food and drinks vending machine. On the same floor as the lounge is the student canteen within a short walk from the lounge. In fact if you stand at the door of the lounge, you can see the student canteen. So it is possible for students to spend days in the lounge without having to go home.Typical happenings at the loungeThe lounge serves both curricular and extra-curricular activities. There are students who have lunch there.

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